What Sets HoneyBunny Apart?

  • EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION:  HoneyBunny Preschool of Elk Grove is owned, operated, and taught by a fully credentialed elementary school teacher, with 7 years experience teaching kindergarten and 1st grade in the Sacramento area, several years experience nannying and teaching in preschools, and having run a fully operational childcare/preschool out of her home since 2014.  Audrey holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Development from U.C. Davis.  Many preschools and TK programs are taught by teachers that have not earned a teaching credential, and have high teacher turnover.  At HoneyBunny Preschool of Elk Grove, teachers remain the same, and we know what your child needs to be exposed to for success in TK/Kindergarten and 1st grade.  HoneyBunny Preschool of Elk Grove is fully licensed by the State of California.
  • SMALL CLASS SIZES:  Class sizes at HoneyBunny Preschool and TK are 12 students or less, with 2 teachers present at all times.  This means your child gets more of the teacher’s time and attention than in a typical large preschool/TK class at a center.  This also allows teachers to tailor the class to your child’s particular interests and needs.
  • HOME-BASED ENVIRONMENT:  HoneyBunny Preschool is run out of a quiet home right here in Elk Grove.  We have a bright, spacious classroom and a very large yard with grass, play structures, and an expansive bike area. This home-based environment is intimate, nurturing, and comforting for your small child.
  • ORGANIC AND TOXIN-FREE:  HoneyBunny Preschool of Elk Grove is a low toxic-load environment.  Snacks are mostly organic and locally-sourced when possible.  Cleaning supplies are toxin-free.  Many centers are cleaned on a daily basis with harsh solvents and bleach. Our kids are exposed to lots of dirt and sunshine instead.
  • WELL-ROUNDED MONTESSORI-INSPIRED PROGRAM:  HoneyBunny Preschool of Elk Grove provides the ideal mix of TK/Kinder readiness, alphabet and number skills, and social skills combined with lots of choice, sensory experiences, art, music, science, and PLAY!  Our program is Montessori-inspired and nature/play-based, meaning that most of the day is devoted to guided choices of activities and freedom within limits, which allows your child to learn in ways that interest him/her.  We offer the right combination of structured and unstructured time.  Curriculum is theme-based, encouraging children to learn about dinosaurs, snow, magnets, and the ocean, just to name a few.  A large part of the day is devoted to unstructured play, allowing children to develop their creativity, goal-setting, and decision-making capabilities.